Continental Standard Manual Typewriter 1941

This typewriter was made at the Wanderer factory in Siegmar-Schoenau in 1941.

It has a really tall profile that I find appealing. It's heavy!

This metal plate indicates the machine was originally sold by an office machine supplier in Berlin.

Front decal

The decals are still in good condition after more than 70 years.

The serial number 908472 is etched inside one rear leg.

Groma N Portable Typewriter 1941

The case of this portable typewriter shows wear and age, it has protected the typewriter for decades.

The typewriter shows wear and use but is still in good condition.

It still has the SS key, many machines had this removed or were destroyed.

The whole front part of this machine is covered with a Bakelite panel, the typewriter itself is surprisingly light.

Groma decal. The ribbon spool is made by Pelikan.

Under the machine, the stamped serial number 221176.

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