Wehrpass of Gefreiter Hans Böschl, Gewehrschütze and Schreiber in I.R. 416, G.R. 112

Killed in action in Ivancea, Moldova, August 1944

The Wehrpass was issued in 1940.

Hans Böschl was born in 1908, he worked as a Regierungsrat, a civilian administrative official.

Böschl had knowledge of English, French and Spanish.

He entered the Wehrmacht in 1941, when he was 33 years old.

He served in a number of units including Infanterie Regiment 416 and Grenadier Regiment 112.

He was trained to use a carbine, rifle and machine gun and was also trained as a clerk.

These two entries from the above pages relate to Böschl's training and service as a clerk (Schreiber).

In June, 1943 he was promoted to Gefreiter.

He participated in the campaign in Russia.

He was hospitalized for dysentery, hepatitis and jaundice. He was killed by shell splinters in his belly and legs in August, 1944. He was 35 years old.

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