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Soldbuch Rubber Stamps

We take great pride in making exact copies of original stamps. Here are some examples of stamps we have made for our Soldbuch completion project. The stamps are exact copies of original impressions in geniune documents from our reference collection- the Soldbuch examples shown in these photos are not reproductions.

Gasraumprobe stamp indicating that the wearer had tested his gas mask

A hospital designation stamp. This particular field hospital was run by 2. Sanitaets-Kompanie 222, later by Sanitaets-Kompanie 354 and finally by Sanitaets-Kompanie 286.

Familienunterhalt pay stamp for soldiers with dependents

Issue stamp for the gas sheet, decontamination kit, bandage, and Losantin tablets

Pay stamp for money issued for the purposes of buying a cleaning kit

Genesungsurlaub stamp for soldiers going on leave

A rank stamp for a doctor, seen in hospital entries, leave entries when the soldier was departing a hospital, and awards of the Wound Badge

Soap issue stamp

Another soap issue stamp

Hospital designation stamp for a field hospial in Krakow, Poland

A stamp for soldiers returning to Germany due to illness or wounds

Another soap issue stamp. These indicate issue of shaving soap and general-purpose soap.

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