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Standard Rubber Stamps

Some customers have contacted me who do not need specific stamps custom-made for their unit but are simply looking for generic-type stamps suitable for use with a variety of reproduction documents and paperwork. We don't keep any stamps in stock but we do have ready-to-use artwork for a number of different types of stamps. The most useful stamps for reproduction documents are round Feldpost number stamps. Every unit in the German military that was ever stationed outside German borders had a Feldpost number and stamps with these numbers were used on identity documents, award documents, leave passes, travel permits, soldiers' letters and more. These stamps were in a variety of formats and we have reproduced a number of these formats from scans of original documents. Without the Feldpost number master index there is no way to look at the number and identify the unit so any given number could be for a combat unit, a support unit, a command center, headquarters, administrative unit, or any other formation of the Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Waffen-SS or RAD. All branches of the Wehrmacht used the same eagle design for these stamps. Here are some scans of three different Feldpost number stamps we have made, the artwork for these was painstakingly copied from high-resolution scans of original WW2 German paperwork in our collection. We can provide these exactly as seen below or with any Feldpost number you require.

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