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WWII German Paperwork Completion Service

I have been completing reproduction WWII German identity documents for reenactors since 2001. I have well over 100 rubber ink stamps and have all the stamps needed to make correct and convincing reproductions. I also maintain a reference library of hundreds of original documents and have studied hundreds more, I speak German and understand the intricacies of original paperwork. I use correct period type ink and German pens (many pre-1945 production) to achieve a truly authentic look and feel.

Here is a selection of original Third Reich paperwork from my reference library. I strive to exactly copy the look of original documents, even the pennmanship is duplicated.

The desk where I do my work is dominated by wartime period technology. Immersing myself in the material culture of the 1940s when I do this work helps to ensure that the finished product has an extremely realistic feel.

To inquire about the reproduction paperwork completion service please e-mail.

Will this paperwork be absolutely perfect and completely free of any imperfections?

I guarantee my work to be free of spelling and language errors and assure you that every entry will be filled out correctly with the correct abbreviations and authentic rubber stamps as needed. Your paperwork will be extremely convincing and will pass the closest inspection by the Feldgendarmerie or by WWII veterans. However, your documents may not be exactly perfect and may have very minor or even hidden flaws that are not immediately apparent. For instance, the Feldpost number used on some entries may not be the correct number for your unit, though this could only be determined by looking at the Feldpost number index. Similarly, the field hospital number used in wound entries may or may not not correspond to a hospital in the area your unit operated in. The objective is to create a convincing-looking prop for reenactment and display, not a forgery that would fool a collector or historian. We are very proud of our work and guarantee your satisfaction. Variation is the rule when it comes to Wehrmacht paperwork but we use standard entries that are most representative of original documents. Please do keep in mind that these documents are filled out by hand in ink and ink smudges and corrections are common features of original period items

How much does it cost, how long does it take?

I try to keep the cost as low as possible. It depends how much work will be required which is dependent on many variables. Filling out most books takes about 2 weeks but if I am backlogged it takes longer... Best to send me an e-mail.

Last update: 3 January 2012

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